Saturday, September 23, 2006

After several times, decided to install a jib, easier to handle with, specially when sailing alone. The new rig offered better performance upwind and also increased speed about, 20-25% in light winds.

These are a couple of pix from our 1st testing day. The job was done with the help of Benito Cervera, a well known SAIL MASTER from Castellón, who added materials, knowledge and a very valuable and altruistic effort to get the new rig working in a record time of 48 hours.

When sailing alone, the bow tends to stay out of the water, loosing lateral resistence. This can be solved putting some weight at the front seat.

Also, in a windy day, lateral stabilisers might be requiered to avoid capsizing.

Other solution to both problems would be sitting in the middle of the kayak at the same side from where the wind is blowing.
Different ways to improve the sailing kayak are tested.

Location: Spain
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