Monday, August 21, 2006
  Some upgrades to ensure funny ride

And here it is my "sock model" daggerboard prototipe, version 1.0. Easy home-made aluminuim 1 mm.

Finally riding the horse again, now less crazy than before installing the daggerboard. It has been really helpful to start real sailing, as without it we´ve not enought lateral resistence.

Another pic, saling Alejandro´s 14 m2 kite.

A funny ride using the 14 sq meter kite

The rudder extension, which allows controling the kayak while using the kite is also aluminium 1mm width. Easier to make than the daggerboard.
Looks so funny ! Good Job !
Those were really crazy upgrades, never had an experience of using a kite on a kayak, maybe I should try one, seems quite interesting. Just wondering if you did some viability tests?
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