Saturday, August 25, 2007
  The New Main

After some months, finally decided to increase de main. For doing this, a stronger and longer mast was adjusted to the kayak. The great thing is that the position of the mast is now much closer to the bow, allowing increase the size of the main up to 6,5 sq. meters.

In order to give some more stability to compensate the larger sail, I made two fiberglass stabilisers connecting them with two aluminium tubes.

Also a roller-furling device has been added to the mast using a piece of wood as roller attached to the lower mast.

After testing it, is the configuration with best performance of all tested untill now. Would be nice to add a jib and see how it works, but may be´d be too much sail.

The question now is how to install a daggerboard , its size and location (midle, closer to bow or to stern) to increase sailing performance and wind reaching.

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Different ways to improve the sailing kayak are tested.

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